Sunday, December 19, 2010

this is corazon aquino and ninoy aquino, the mom and dad of 
ballsy Aquino-Cruz
Pinky Aquino-Abellada
Noy2 Aquino
Viel Aquino-Dee
kris Aquino-Yap

Ballsy Aquino-Cruz

Pinky Aquino-Abellada

noy-noy Aquino

Viel Aquino-Dee



kris Aquni-Yap
This is the sweet, caring and loving husband of Pinky aquino-Abellada
This is the son and daughter of pinky Abellada and Manuel Abellada.......

Miguel Abellada and Ni√Ďa  Abellada
this  is pinky Abellada my one and only idol .......

-her daughter and her son are very independent ,loving and caring and very professional
-i don' know about her husband but i know he is a good father and husband..

++pinky abellada is the 2nd daughter of corazon "cory" aquino and Ninoy Aquino

pinky abellada has a 1 brother and 3 sister's

=benigno simeon aquino=
=maria elena "ballsy" Aquino-cruz=
=victoria Eleza "Viel" Aquino-Dee=
=kristina Bernadette "kris" Aquino-Yap=